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Notification of a child or young person missing from education, at risk of becoming missing from education or missing out on education


A Child Missing Education (CME) is defined as a child of compulsory school age who is not on a school roll and not receiving an education via other means – for example, via Elective Home Education or an alternative provider such as a college. However, a child may still be at risk of missing education or missing out on education even if they are on a school roll and such cases should also be reported to the Local Authority. 

If at any point you are aware that a child may not be receiving an education you should refer to the Children Missing Education team so that the matter can be investigated.

This includes but is not limited to situations where:

  • A child/young person is on roll but has been excluded and no alternative provision is in place after 6 days
  • A child/young person has not been attending school and a home visit reveals that the family may have moved away
  • A child/young person has moved into the area but no arrangements have been made to access a new school
  • A child/young person has moved out of the area (this includes moving outside of the UK) or is about to move out of the area but no arrangements have been made to access a new school
  • A child/young person who has been offered a school place, but parents have refused the place offered and the authority is not aware of alternative arrangements for the child/young person's education
  • A child/young person is identified as a Child Missing Out On Education (on roll but not attending and no measures in place to address the non-attendance)

If you are not sure whether you should refer, you should call the CME team on 01257 517333 or email for advice.

Information provided may be shared with fellow professionals under Schedule 2 of the Data Protection Act 1998

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All fields marked with an asterisk * must be completed. However, you must complete as much information as possible in order for our officers to undertake investigations.

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